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Thomas and Will being in sync then lovingly looking at Dylan.



Bonding time!

Taking a break from work to draw Pipes and Annabeth! <3 

Now, off to keep working u.u


Practicing aging characters with Percy and Annabeth


Allen Leech for Harrods (x)

| T.H.O.M.A.S |

• 16 years old
• Runner
• Named after Thomas Edison

Subject A2 has experienced total memory loss , and continues to appear disoriented. Demonstrates an unforeseen, possibly unintended, measure of influence over remaining subjects. Progress persists at predicted rate, more rapidly than that of others.

Upon analysis of encounters with others, Subject A2 shows signs of exemplary leadership ability, but also suggests rash decision making and resistance to authority. Some subjects who give him their support indicate progress and growth in strategic thinking. Others could be a threat. Continued monitoring strongly suggested, as observations could be conclusive.


get to know me meme[2/20] favourite relationships
↳ Tris and Tobias (Divergent)